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References available upon request. (Out of Professional Courtesy to our clients, we do not publish a list online. We believe in our client's rights to privacy.)

Complete Custom 25,000 Watt FM Radio Station Kit.


Includes: all inter-connecting cables in harness with shrink wrapped labels, easy to follow photo and step by step instruction book.



(1) Audio Console

(1) On Air Light & Console Interface

(1) Automation Computer w/Automation

(1) Headphone Amplifier

(1) Production System

(1) Set Powered Studio Monitors

(2) CD/MP3 Decks

(1) FM Processor

(2) Professional Microphones

(1)  12 Bay Circularly Polarized FM Antenna**

(2) Pro Microphone Booms*

(1) Up to 2,500' Coaxial Cable

(3) Headphones

(1) 20,000 Watt FM Transmitter

Option #1 - For a savings, we can provide a single polarity antenna. However, your signal will tend to suffer somewhat as either the vertical or horizontal component will no longer be present. (We do NOT recommend this.)

We can offer a reduced rate for single (usually horizontal only in the USA, vertical only in other countries) polarization. However, as such a system results in reduced signal coverage and a less robust signal, we do not quote such "sub-standard" systems unless specifically asked.

Buyer beware!!! Most others will automatically quote an inferior (single polarity) system as "standard"!!!

*You will need a desk or table on which to mount the boom arm.

**Antenna requires mounting on a 2.5" to 4.5" pipe (not supplied) The higher an FM antenna is placed, the farther it can "see"...this is what will give you the best coverage for the amount of transmitter output power. This station, as offered, is designed to have the studio at the location of the transmitter and tower.

If you plan to broadcast from a remote transmitter site, additional equipment will be needed.


Contact us (below) for a quote and see how easy it is to have the studio of your dreams!

Please plan to allow at least four to six weeks for delivery following our receipt of certified funds.

Domestic USA Use Requires FCC License or Construction Permit, Additional Remote Control and Emergency Alert System Equipment.

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128kbps aac - CD Quality


96kbps aac - FM Quality


64kbps aac+ - Good Quality

(Fast Dialup & Fast Mobile)

32kbps aac+ - Nice Quality

(Dial-up & Mobile)

96kbps mp3 - Good Quality


Tune In at 128kbps (aac) with your favorite player:

  Winamp windows Media Player Real Player QuickTime

Tune In at 128kbps (mp3) with your favorite player:

  Winamp windows Media Player Real Player QuickTime

Tune In at 96kbps (aac) with your favorite player:

  Winamp windows Media Player Real Player QuickTime

Tune In at 64kbps (aac) with your favorite player:

  Winamp windows Media Player Real Player QuickTime

Tune In at 64kbps (mp3) with your favorite player:

  Winamp windows Media Player Real Player QuickTime

Tune In at 32kbps (aac) with your favorite player:

  Winamp windows Media Player Real Player QuickTime

Information Request Form

In order to properly prepare a quote, we require as much basic information as you can provide on what you expect of your new studios such as:

  • What type of programming do you plan to originate from your studio? (A talk studio will be vastly different than a music studio. A music studio utilizing recorded music will be vastly different than a music studio specializing in live performances.)

  • Do you have anyone on-hand who can work with us in determining what is preferred for use in your new studio? (If we can consult with someone familiar with the intended uses at your station, we will be much more able to provide something that will be comfortable, serviceable and useful that your station will be proud to have!

We look forward to designing and constructing your studios so that you will be extremely happy with them for many years into the future!

Select the items that apply, and then let us know how to contact you.

Note: All requested information will be sent via email where this is possible.

Contact us with your needs!

Please describe your needs:

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