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Following two years of being "gouged" by Godaddy regarding our hosting and the crashing and mangling of our database just over a year ago, we have decided that lack of support and use of the site has made the paying of a small car payment to keep the site up is simply not something that is worthwhile. If anyone is interested in helping with bringing the site back, I am told that we have 5 days to pay the $249.00 fee. Personally, I am just not seeing it as an option at this time as I have paid the fees for the site for many, many months, now (with some help from time to time that is also most appreciated).

I apologize for this and I realize that we are losing a wealth of information in making this decision but, as we are absolutely forbidden (by Godaddy) to go back to our old (original) hosting plan, this rather effectively assures us that we have already seen the demise of

Some loyal people have helped with supporting the site over the years and the hope was that it would eventually "take off" when other sites of this kind failed. Well, others have failed, been resurrected and failed yet again to be resurrected even yet again and has still not ever "taken off". At some point, we need to decide whether or not throwing more money at the problem is worthwhile and, sadly, this appears to not be the case.

Again, I do apologize to those who have followed the site for all of these years. Perhaps, in the future, we will do something similar but, as of now, I am thinking to offer the domain to anyone who is interested and see if anyone else can do anything with it. I just know that I simply cannot keep paying to keep the site on life support when even begging people to come here for discussion doesn't work.

I do hope that those who have frequented the site will keep in contact with me. My email address for friends and followers is "".